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En Septiembre del 2010 será publicada la primera traducción en lengua inglesa del Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi de San Julián de Toledo (s. VII)!



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1) ".... EXCELLENT work. I read it with pleasure... I was especially impressed with all of your background work. I have never seen ANYTHING like this relative to Julian [of Toledo]. It is the finest work on Julian and the Prognosticum I have ever read. Really. It is splendid. I told Fr. Boadt [i.e. Paulist Press] that he was very lucky to have a work of this level of scholarship. My congratulations.... on the completion of what is superb scholarship. I have recommended your achievement to Fr. Boadt very highly. I pray to see the day when it is published".

Fr. Dennis McManus  Former Director of Ancient Christian WritersTM Series (Paulist Press) and Professor at the Georgetown University.

2) What happens in the after life is a question that baffles many still in the modern day. "Julian of Toledo" is an entry into Paulist Presses' Ancient Christian Writers series, following the seventh century Spanish writer as he provided many answers to the questions surrounding the afterlife that was on the tip of the tongues of many Christians during his era. Another perspective of early Christianity and Spanish Christianity in general, "Julian of Toledo" is excellently translated and presented by Tommaso Stancati OP, making it a solid addition to any Christian studies collection.
This review is from: Julian of Toledo: Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi (Ancient Christian Writers, Vol. 63) (Hardcover)





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