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Julian of Toledo
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Ancient Manuscripts
A printed ed. XVI c.
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An ancient printed edition of the Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi (XVI c.)

Editor: Johannes Cochlaeus, Printer: Michael Blum, Lipsia 1536


    In these pages a photographic reproduction of a rare and complete copy of one of the first printed editions of the Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi.
The book has belonged to the noble German Family Von Lindenau.

The precious copy of the Prognosticum has been purchased in Munich at the antique bookshop of Mr. Thomas Rezek.  Now the book is  
the sole property of the Author.

- The ex libris of Fritz Von Lindenau: FAMILIENSAMMLUNG angelegt durch FRITZ V. LINDENAU 1905

Translation: Familiar Collection, founded by Fritz Von Lindenau 1905

- The motto: Stuetz' dich auf Tugend und Tuechtigkeit, Abstammung adelt zu keiner Zeit!

Translation: Learn on virtue and ability, your ancestors won’t ever make you noble!

At the bottom of the page, the following handwritten text::

Beigefügt alter Kupferstich mit dem Bilde des Verfassers Joannes Cochlaeus. Er war Humanist, Gegner Luthers, geb. 1479
Wendelstein bei Schwabach, † 11.1.1552 zu Breslau. -- Das Bild wurde vom Antiquariat der Frfr. v. Diepensbroik in Hamburg
am 15. 3.1926 angekauft (5-Rh)


Translation: Attached [to the volume] is an ancient chalcographic picture of the Editor: Joannes Cochlaeus. He was opponent
of Luther, was born in 1479 in Weldelstein bei Schwabach, died in Breslavia on 11. 1.1552. This picture was purchased in Hamburg
 on March 15, 1926 from the antique collection of Baroness Von Diepenbroick .

(My best thanks to Fr. Philippe-André Holzer OP for aid in translating the german text)


Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi

A photographic reproduction of an ancient printed edition (XVI c.)

(© Sergio Stancati - Roma - 2008)

 Editor: Johannes Cochlaeus, Printer: Michael Blum, Lipsia 1536.

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The cover of the book, in white skin and gilded letters

The Ex libris of Fritz Von Lindenau

A chalcographic picture of Joannes Cochlaeus (1479-1552), Editor of the 1563 printed edition of the Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi

Title page of the Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi

Dedication of J. Cochlaeus to the bishop of Merseburg, Sigismund Von Lindenau, of the printed edition of the Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi

Julian's Praefatio to the Prognosticum Futuri Saeculi

The Oratio ad Deum of Julian of Toledo


of Book I

Beginning of Book II


of Book III

Letter of Idalius, bishop of Barcelona, to Julian, bishop of Toledo

Letter of Idalius, bishop of Barcelona, to Suntfredus, bishop of Narbonne

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